Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Samsung Intercept Notification Pane Stuck

Phone: Samsung Intercept M910
OS: Android 2.1

Ever had your notification pane stuck and it just won't come down? I know I have. For the longest time the only way I could find to fix it was to restart the phone, and anyone that owns this phone knows just how long that can take. Well, I did some digging and finally found the answer.

What causes it:

1. Holding the power button down to display the options for airplane mode, power down, and silent.

2. Press the back button.

Your notification pane will now be lock. It won't swipe down or come down with with the Notification button found in the menu.

The good news, You can fix it! without restarting

Here's How to fix it:
1. Press and hold the Home button until the menu appears

2. Press the Back button.

That's it!

I have a feeling the glitch is caused by the power menu locking all other icons and options, but the coding doesn't release the notification pane. I have not heard if this is fixed in the Android 2.2 update on the intercept(due March 25th for Virgin Mobile Customers) but it will get you back in business for the time being.

Update: This issue is fixed in the Android 2.2 Update

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