Saturday, April 2, 2011

Virgin Mobile's LG Optimus V Review

LG Optimus V Prepaid Android Phone for Virgin MobileLG Optimus V
The newest in the Virgin Mobile lineup is the LG Optimus V.  Running Android 2.2 out of the box this little guy has some speed to it.  It features a dedicated 200mhz graphics chip, a 600mhz processor, and a 3.2" capacitive touch screen.   Overall experience using the Optimus is pleasant with smooth scrolling and fairly fast load times.  Lacking a physical keyboard it's thinner than it's Samsung counter part at Virgin Mobile, but makes up for the lack of keyboard with it's Swype on screen keyboard.  It features a 3.2MP camera that I found lags slightly behind the Samsung Intercepts.  In low light conditions most photos came out black when only dark on the Intercept.  Images also seemed overly sharp on the Optimus but had more color.  Gaming was pleasent with high frame rates and quick response times.  Testing the speaker I found it to get a tinny sound if set to maximum and wasn't as loud as the Intercept.  The LG Optimus also lacks the optical track pad of it's counterpart, thus making it more difficult to correct mistakes when typing.  Overall I highly recommend the LG Optimus for the average user or hard core Android gamer.   If you are a die hard texter, music aficionado, or amateur photographer, I recommend checking out the Intercept.


  • Dedicated graphics chip makes gaming a whole lot smoother
  • Slim design
  • Swype on screen keyboard
  • Android 2.2
  • High resloution screen
  • 2GB microSD card with adapter to make it a standard size SD card
  • Access to the Android Market

  • No physical keyboard
  • Poor low light photos
  • Weak speaker (I found cranking it all the way up gave you a tinny sound and really wasn't that loud)
  • No optical pad(When editing text you must switch keyboards to the arrow keys which is a pain)

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