Friday, May 6, 2011 App Review
Price: Free

Featuring full episodes of many of the most recent CBS shows, Classic TV like Star Trek, MacGyver, Beverly Hills 90210 and more.  A full list of channels can be found below.  The app is ad supported, typically with only one commercial placed in the normal break for the show, so overall the viewing experience is pleasant.  App design is easy to understand and performance is great even on some of the low end smart phones.  Most videos are available over 3G and Wifi with only a select few Wifi only.  Video resolution is scaled down a bit on 3G but is not unbearable to watch.  A larger selection would be nice as the CBS shows typically only have the most recent episode or two, but overall a great way to kill some time. App - Pro's

  • High resolution streaming video on Wifi
  • Decent selection of full episodes
  • Easy to use layout
  • Works even on low end phones App - Con's

  • Larger selection would be nice - CBS shows only have the most recent episode or two.
  • No option to browse Full episodes only. App - Channel List

  • CBS Entertainment
  • CW - Only partial episodes
  • Showtime - Only partial episodes
  • CNET
  • CBS Sports
  • CBS News
  • Gamespot
  • Classic TV
  • MovieTrailers
  • ET
  • Insider
  • Web Shows
  • Chow
  • Smithsonian Channel

1 comment :

  1. Very few full episodes. I have only been able to find full episodes of 2 or 3 shows.