Thursday, March 14, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 to Be Announced Tonight

Courtesy of Samsung
Samsung is set to make it's big announcement regarding the launch of it's next Galaxy smartphone Thursday evening.  The company has dropped some hints that it's the Galaxy S4.  Here's a few of the spec rumors so far.

Bigger Screen:
Many expect Samsung will follow their trend towards bigger screens, with Bloomberg reporting that the phone will measure 5 inches on the diagonal, vs the 4.8-in Galaxy S III.

Software rumors are a bit hazy:
So far in regards to software it's a bit up in the air.  One of the biggest features on the rumor mill is the eye-scrolling software reported by The New York Times, may not be included in the launch versions of the phone.  The report stated the features may show up in later versions of the phone instead.  However, some eye-tracking is expected, like the ability to pause videos when the user looks away.
Plastic Body:
Rumors seem fairly certain that Samsung is going to stick to the plastic shell used in previous Galaxy phones, rather than upgrade to a more expensive aluminum body.  A bit of a disappointment, but possibly a move to keep the price tag lower.

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